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The studio has been a dream project for Tanuj for many years. It is a labour of love, a laboratory where Tanuj spends most of his days writing music, experimenting with sounds and making recordings. 

After over a year in construction, the studio finally opened in January 2016. Designed by world renowned studio designer Philip Newell, it consists of a Non-Environment control room with high resolution Reflexion Arts loudspeakers and Neva audio amplifiers and a small neutral recording room. The studio was purpose built to very high technical specifications which strictly followed Philip's design.  

Located in the center of the filmmaking hub 'Andheri', the studio is an oasis amidst the hustle-bustle of Mumbai. It is an inspiring space for Tanuj to collaborate with filmmakers and musicians. It also has a low energy footprint, requiring modest air-conditioning with natural sand stone in the front wall and eco-friendly materials like cotton waste felt used for sound damping. Fresh air is pumped into the entire facility round the clock to ensure good health and comfort during long working hours! 

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